MADYN 2000 has unique modelling capabilities:

  • Rotor-gear-bearing systems for torsional, lateral, axial and coupled analyses
  • Bearing types:
    • Spring and damper,
    • fluid film bearings (fixed pads with any pad angles and centers of curvature, tilting pads with any pad angles, curvatures and support angles, hydrodynamic pockets, pressure dam),
    • floating ring bearings,
    • rolling element bearings,
    • magnetic bearings
  • Bearing supports with dynamic characteristics:
    • Spring damper mass with different properties in horizontal and vertical direction,
    • general transfer functions from measurements or FE analyses,
    • State Space Matrices, which can be provided by the user from other FE models,
    • coupling of supports and directions, respectively, by transfer functions
  • Flexible couplings (linear and nonlinear)
  • Fluid coefficients
  • Elastic mounting of masses with an axial offset to their centre of gravity
  • Superimposed shaft sections with different material, e.g. to model motor windings
  • Bending stiffening due to prestress or softening for pressure
  • User defined modelling blocks in MADYN classic syntax
  • Mechanisms causing hot spots, such as hot spots in fluid film bearings (Morton effect)
  • Temperature-dependent materials
  • Definition of standard, system-independent loads thanks to general denotations for locations
  • Import of rotor data from ASCII files in table form via a flexible interface

MADYN 2000 shaft system with planetary gear
MADYN 2000 shaft system with planetary gear