The fluid film bearing analysis is an integrated part of MADYN 2000. It has the following features:

  • Bearing types:
    • Bearings with fixed segments and any curvature radius and centre,
    • tilting pad bearings with consideration of the stiffness and damping of the pivot support against tilting and radial displacement,
    • bearings with hydrodynamic pockets,
    • pressure dam bearings
  • Lubricant types:
    • Oils with standard qualities according to ISO,
    • water,
    • user defined fluid properties
  • Analysis of the journal position (static equilibrium) and linear rotordynamic coefficients with various methods:
    • Constant mean oil film temperature,
    • variable oil film temperature (includes the solution of the energy equation),
    • analysis according to DIN 31657
  • Analysis of nonlinear bearing characteristics
  • Non-synchronous characteristics of tilting pad bearings
  • Consideration of the following effects are possible depending on the type of analysis:
    • Non-synchronous characteristic of tilting pad bearings,
    • 2-phase flow in cavitation zones considering ambient pressure,
    • turbulence,
    • different oil supply conditions and axial sealing,
    • thermo-elastic deformation,
    • canting
  • Import of dimensionless data from ASCII files depending on the Sommerfeld number
  • Import of dimensioned data from ASCII files  


Plot of a bearing
MADYN 2000 plot of a bearing with fixed pads

Clearance Plot
MADYN 2000 clearance plot. The bearing has hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pockets.
Bearing Static Results
MADYN 2000 plot of bearing load and static results

Bearing Coefficients
MADYN 2000 plot of rotordynamic coefficients