Magnetic Bearings

  • Introduction into magnetic bearings and their properties
    • Overview (advantages, machine designs, principle, components, general properties)
    • Detailed properties (load capacity, basic formulas, dynamic characteristics, digital controller behaviour)
    • Controller design (objectives, difficulties, design approach, rotor assessment, controller building blocks, coupling of axes and bearings)
    • Special features (synchronous control, overload handling)
    • Back up bearings (design, behaviour in case of a drop)
    • Learning from experience

  • Rotor dynamic analyses for magnetic bearing applications (with MADYN 2000)
    • Analyses for the rotor assessment
    • Modelling the bearing, practical controller design
    • Analyses of the rotor bearing system (stability, sensitivity, Campbell diagram, unbalance response)
    • Assessment of the results (robustness, load capacity)


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