For the various needs of machine dynamics engineering DELTA JS disposes of the following scientifically developed software tools with a proven record of success:

  • MADYN 2000 ® for rotordynamic analyses including magnetic bearings, fluid film bearings and rolling element bearings
  • MATLAB ® (basic system, signal processing and control tool box) for mathematics and graphics
  • ANSYS ® (mechanical system with Parasolid interface) for general structures
  • SEAL2D/3D for the calculation of rotordynamic coefficients of seal forces

MADYN 2000 is a commercial software developed by DELTA JS.

The roots of the program SEAL2D/3D go back to the University Darmstadt. DELTA JS is in the process of enhancing the program for industrial application.

MATLAB and ANSYS are widely used standard programs integrated into DELTA JS’s software environment.