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  • MADYN 2000 ®, the leading and comprehensive software for the simulation of rotor vibrations
  • Engineering (specification and verification of designs, trouble shooting)
  • Training for the use of our software, about design rules and practical vibration phenomena
The next standard Presence Rotordynamic Seminar in Zurich including two additional days for the demonstration of practical rotordynamic analyses with MADYN 2000 will take place in Zurich from July 22nd to 25th 2024A registration form as well as a description of content with the price are available here.
The next standard Online Magnetic Bearing Seminar will take place on June 11th and 12th 2024A registration form with the price and a description of the content is available here.
The next standard Online Fluid Film Bearing Seminar will take place on June 13th and 14th 2024A registration form with the price and a description of the content is available here
Rotordynamic Software MADYN 2000
Version 4.5 is distributed. Highlights of the latest versions are the hot spot stability analysis to assess the sensitivity of hot spots (e.g. in fluid bearings → Morton effect), non-linear rolling element bearings (clearance effects, non-linear Hertz'ian pressure), new harmonic response analyses (bent shafts, coupling offsets, response to integer and non-integer harmonics, balancing), analysis of seal coefficients with a CFD solver, further simplifications of the process of analyses with fluid film bearings and improvements of the robustness of complex models with many connections. 

Decaying vibration
Decaying vibration