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DELTA JS AG offers software, engineering and consulting services in the field of rotordynamics. Typically the company deals with high precision machines, whose functioning or service life is affected by even the smallest vibrations.

The program MADYN 2000 ® developed and offered by DELTA JS is a leading software for rotordynamics allowing to simulate complex rotor-gear-bearing systems with all types of bearings (spring and damper bearings, rolling element bearings, fluid film bearings, active magnetic bearings) and bearing supports.

The company disposes of powerful analysis tools to offer comprehensive engineering and consulting services in the area of rotor dynamics. The experience of DELTA JS covers a wide field of sophisticated machinery such as turbo machines for industrial applications, power generation and propulsion.

The next rotordynamic seminar including an additional day for the demonstration of practical rotordynamic analyses with MADYN 2000 will take place in Zurich from in April 2016. Updated registration forms will be available here as soon as the exact date is fixed.
The next magnetic bearing seminar will be held in Zurich in June 2016. Updated registration forms will be available here as soon as the exact date is fixed.
Rotordynamic Software MADYN 2000
Versions 4.0 is distributed. It has many new features, among others the modelling of rolling element bearings and planetary gears. More details are explained in the release notes.
9th IFTOMM Conference on Rotordynamics in Milan
DELTA JS was represented with two papers about the hot spot phenomenon. The paper "New mathematical model for the Morton Effect based on the THD analysis" by B.S. Grigoriev, A.E. Fedorov and Joachim Schmied was awarded a price for outstanding quality.

Vibrations in Rotating Machines - SIRM 2015, Magdeburg, Germany
DELTA JS presented two papers: "High Speed Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings - State of the Art Calculations" by Andreas Fuchs, Joachim Schmied, Alexander Kosenkov and "Analyses of Systems with Complex Gears"by Frédéric Gaulard, Alexander Kosenkov, Joachim Schmied.

Decaying Vibration

Decaying vibration


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